Mentor To Millions With Kevin Harrington

Business Growth and Sales Insights from a Shark

Harrington, is the ultimate success catalyst with strategic planning for small businesses. From ways “sharks” throw money down to invest in startups to empowering entrepreneurs to greatness, your time will be well spent.

You’ll learn from a consummate entrepreneur:

    • A pioneer of As Seen on TV brand that launched over 500 products and $5 billion in global sales.
    • A leader/founder of 20 companies that have exceeded $100 million in revenue.
    • Founder of the Secrets of Closing the Sale Master Class.
    • Kevin’s “How to pick a winner” approach.
    • Bonehead mistakes that entrepreneurs need to stop making.


    • Kevin Harrington

Date & Time

    • Thursday, December 3rd, 2020
    • 10:00AM – 11:00AM Central


Event Speaker

Kevin Harrington

As one of the top entrepreneurs of our time, Kevin Harrington has over 40 years of experience disrupting the marketplace and generating phenomenal results. He has launched more than 20 companies that have grown to over a $100 million in revenue each, and his work behind the scenes of legendary business ventures has produced over $5 billion in global sales via the launch over 500 products, while helping make dozens of millionaires along the way.

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